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How Often Do You Really Need To Wash Your Bras?

wash your bras
If you’re on this table, hang tight. Because we’re about to shake the hell out of it!

We all have that favorite bra that just fits us perfectly. And we experience the worst day(s) when it’s in the laundry. So this explains why we are reluctant to wash it and we keep procrastinating until we pick it up one day and it smells like someone died in there. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. So, how often should you wash your bras? We have the answer to that.

When to wash your bras

It all really depends on how active you are. A general rule is that you should wash your bras every two or three wears if you’re moderately active and maintain basic hygiene. However, this may not work if you sweat a lot or wear your bras when you exercise. If this is the case, washing after every wear is advised. But because washing your bras too often can cause the elastic to slack, you should probably have a few comfy ones instead of relying on one fave.

wash your bras

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Failing to wash your bras regularly can expose you to skin irritations and even bacterial infections. Not to mention that your bra will smell and that will make you a little miss piggy. You don’t want that, do you? So be a good girl and wash your bras!

Now back to the bras! Do you hate wearing them? Here are tips for going braless in public comfortably.

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