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Here’s How To Be A Fearless Woman According to Kerry Washington



What do you think the fearless woman’s secret is? We know it and Kerry Washington does too!

We watched the live stream from the #HereWeAre conversation hosted by Leslie Berland (CMO and Head of People at Twitter) and it was amazing! Something about being a fearless woman piqued our interest. Is it just us, or don’t you always want to listen to Kerry talk as herself as much as you love seeing her play Olivia Pope on Scandal?

Fear is usually what keeps us from taking our biggest steps. The thought that we won’t make it enough to stamp our feet on the ground can be really terrifying, we mostly don’t even try.

So what makes a woman fearless?

Sometimes, we try but the fear seems to win. In the live talk Kerry Washington responded to a question asking what she was afraid of. She described a fearless woman as one who doesn’t leave her fears behind for the purpose of letting courage in, but one who takes fear in the room with her and still makes waves despite it.


Watch the live stream on periscope and tell us what you think. Do you agree with her?

We agree with Kerry Washington because, she understands that there isn’t a blueprint to conquer fear. A lot of the time, it might be just the ingredient you need for that fearless woman slay. We also agree that it’s not easy to be so confident all the time. That’s why we have amazing African women speaking out their fearlessness to show you that you can be just who you want to be.

Peep the highlights: tweets from women who mentioned the names of a fearless woman that inspired them.

You can be fearless too!

As a fearless woman, you can rock mountains. You can own your narrative and tell your stories in beautiful form no matter how they might be perceived by the world.

What matters is that you have a voice loud enough to tell it and send it places where others can be inspired to do the same.

Start with reading about these women who changed the world, just to show that you can too.



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