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Here’s A Healthy Reason For You To Stay At Home This Weekend

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Have you been feeling guilty about your plans to stay at home this weekend? Don’t be. Now you have another reason not to go out on the town, and it’s a very good one too. According to a recent study, sleeping in during the weekend can make you live longer.

The study was conducted by Swedish researchers and published in The Journal of Sleep Research. These scientists say that getting extra rest during the weekend is a great way to make up for all the stress and sleeplessness you faced during the week. We’re sure Lagosians can relate.

The results of the study show that your lack of sleep during the week might not kill you or affect your health too badly if you mix it up with medium or long weekend sleep.

Isn’t it great that this news is coming to you on a Friday evening? Now you can cancel all your plans and stay at home this weekend. No owambe and no gallivanting and getting stuck in traffic. This weekend is for sleeping and getting up close and personal with your duvet.

If you have a cuddle buddy to do this weekend with, then it’s all the better for you. Turn off your phones and have a good old fashioned sleep-in this weekend. You deserve it!

Will you stay at home this weekend? Why? Why not? Share your reasons with us below.

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