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How To Deal With Heavy Periods

How To Deal With Heavy Periods
Most women have heavy periods for the first two or three days of their period. What counts as heavy in one woman might not be considered heavy in another. When you have to change your pads hourly it is known as Menorrhagia and can become an issue.

How to manage heavy periods:

Heavy periods

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Keep Track

Keep a diary to track your cycle. Record your eating, snacking and daily activities and see what makes your period heavier or lighter every month. This helps you understand how to control your feeding habits which can help you control the flow.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are something you should invest in if your period flow is heavier than normal. That’s because they hold up to three times more blood than sanitary pads and tampons and so prevent frequent bathroom visits. You can also reuse menstrual cups so you don’t have to spend so much or do emergency visits to the pharmacy when you run out.

heavy periods

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Hormonal Birth Control

If a heavy flow is interfering with your daily life and preventing you from going to work or disturbing your daily activities. Your doctor might prescribe hormonal birth control pills with help you regulate your flow and can lighten your period flow. These pills can have a not so good effect on your body and mind and cause mood swings.

Extra Pads

Even with all the above, it can still be a hassle dealing with heavy periods. This is why you should always have extra sanitary pads and have a pain pill like ibuprofen in your bag to manage the discomfort and pain that could come up.

Heavy periods

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The plan is to always be prepared, so get as much knowledge as you can on the condition and know that you are not alone in this. So leave your questions or contributions in the comment section.

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