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Everything You Should Know About Sex After Pregnancy

Everything You Should Know About Sex After Pregnancy Zumi
How soon can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth? This is a question you can find on the lips of many new mothers, but mostly their husbands, if you know what we mean. Obviously sex is the last thing on the mind of a woman who just had a baby, but eventually she’ll want some of that good stuff and she’ll want to know when it’s safe to roll in the hay again.

If you’ve just had a baby and you want to know how to go about sex after pregnancy, then we’re here for you.

When can you have sex again?

Doctors usually advise women who have just had babies to wait about six weeks before having penetrative sex. This is to allow the vagina heal after the birth process. However, doctors say this timeline is just a guideline and not a rule.

Will your vagina ever be the same?

Yes your vagina will become tight and cute again. It won’t go back to the exact same size, because come on you just pushed out a whole human being, but it will be close to the former size, according to experts.

How do you start having sex again?

The key is to take things slowly. There’s been a lot of heavy activity going on in your body for nine months so you don’t really wanna start bumping and grinding and trying the reverse butterfly sex position. The first time you have sex after pregnancy might not feel awesome but it will get better. Just take it easy until you get in the mood again.

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Will sex be the same?

It might or might not be, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. According to experts, a woman’s sexual needs and preferences can change after childbirth but sex can and should be as awesome as it was before.

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What can you do to make it better?

You can do kegel exercises to tighten your vagina, strengthen your pelvic floor and increase muscle tone in that area. A tighter vagina will make sex more pleasurable.

Speaking of tight vaginas, here are three natural ways to tighten your vagina at home.

Have you had a baby before? How was sex after pregnancy for you? Share with us below.




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