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4 Smart Ways To End A Boring Date Like A Classy Woman

Boring date
Ending a date is not an easy thing to do. If you’re having an exciting date, you’d want it to last longer, but when you find yourself having a boring date, the only thought in your head would be, “How much longer, dear Lord?”

It’s not easy to find a perfect lover on every single date. After all, it’s got more to do with compatibility than anything else. So let’s help you work out how to cut short a boring date without hurting the other person’s feelings.



4 ways to end a boring date
1. You had a nice time, but…

Tell your date that you had a nice time, but you don’t really feel the chemistry. Both of you may have a great time, but sometimes it’s better to be good friends than lovers with electric chemistry. It may feel awkward, but once you’ve said it, it’s done. You don’t have to worry about bumping into each other again or avoiding his calls.



2. Set a timeline from the beginning

Sometimes, it takes only a few minutes to know if a date will be successful or not. In fact, a second glance could help you make up your mind. If you’re in this kind of situation, be warm and pleasant. Pretend like you’re having a great time. Five minutes into the date though, speak in your most sincere tone and tell your date that you’re really sorry but can’t stay longer than half an hour because an emergency’s come up. Try to come up with something believable. So you spend some time with your date and you walk out with dignity.

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3. Tell him you’ll call sometime…

And never call him back again! This is actually a terrible way to end a date, because it’s disrespectful and it leaves your date wondering if you guys are going to meet again or not. But you know what? It’s super easy! It’s the easiest way to be a chicken and worm yourself out of a confrontation.



4. Tell the truth

This is really hard. But if you have a conscience and a desire to help someone in need, this is the wise move. If you’re having a bad date and you find yourself waiting to end the date, just say it without being rude or arrogant about it. Tell him that you’re happy to meet him but you just don’t see it working out. And then, end the date together and walk out together. Once you’re out, shake hands warmly and walk away.

Have you ever had to end a date? Share your experience with us below.




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