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Here Are Some Early Signs Of Drug Addiction To Look Out For

Here Are Some Early Signs Of Drug Addiction To Look Out For
Drug addiction is not something we pay enough attention to in Nigeria, especially in females. The rise in consumption of marijuana, codeine and other opiates by youths in a bid to feel like an it girl or deal with stress is alarming. Peer pressure is one of the main causes of drug abuse and addiction in the world and Nigeria is not an exception.
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Some people turn to drugs and alcohol abuse as a means to handle different situations. In some cases, it’s work stress or financial pressure while in others its emotional trauma, physical trauma, depression or anxiety. It can be difficult to know the difference between depression brought on by life events and behavioral issues caused by addiction so we want to help you.

Here are some signs of drug addiction to look out for in your loved ones:

drug addiction

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Behavioral changes

The first obvious sign to look for is a change in the persons’ behavior. This starts as a little nonchalance and grows to become agitation, irritability, and bouts of anger and violence

Physical changes

Addicted people usually tend to have bloodshot eyes and frequent nosebleeds. They have shakes and tremors when carrying out a task for a long period and tend to have slurry words. They also lose weight rapidly and look malnourished.

drug addiction

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Academic changes

You notice less concentration on school work and a drop in grades and then this usually follows with outright failures or flunking out of school. Addicts find it very difficult to hold down a job for long because of the frequent absences from work and poor work productivity. They tend to get fired from jobs with an alarming frequency.

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Financial Problems

They are always looking to borrow money from friends and loved ones and never have any of their own. They spend all their money on getting high and never seem to have any money for important things.

If you notice any of the signs in your loved ones, it’s time to seek professional help before it escalates.

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