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So You Dated A Player? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Regret It

dating a player
Everyone told you to run for your life and stay as far away from him as you could but you didn’t. So you ended up dating a player and now you regret it. But we’re here to tell you that there’s no need for regret because something good came out of that bad relationship.

Dating the wrong guy can save you from further heartbreak and drama if you take note of the lessons learnt. Here are some good things you can get out of a relationship with a player:

 You’ve learnt to love yourself

You might have stayed in the relationship longer than you should have but now its YOU time. Dating a player made you learn to love and appreciate your own company. Being by yourself is way better than all the lying and scheming that comes with dating that kind of person.

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Your self-respect has sky rocketed

Breaking up with a player after being blinded by “love” has helped you see the amount of crap you tolerated. So from now on, you will no longer allow any man treat you badly. That’s what dating a player does to you. Moving forward you’ll develop new respect for yourself, your time and your personal space.

dating a player

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You’ll be able to spot a lie from a mile away

You have now developed a special skill, your innate lie detector is now fully functioning and will go off at the slightest form of deceit. You will not allow any man get away with lying to you anymore because you can spot the signs more quickly.

dating a player

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You’ll appreciate the next good guy you meet

Nothing makes you appreciate a good guy like a bad relationship. That’s when you’ll realize that boring and predictable is not so bad.

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At the end the most important lesson you learn is what you deserve and how you should be treated. You also know when to walk away from someone who is not right for you and when to let go of someone who does not meet your standards.

dating a player

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