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3 Decisions About Sex That You Should Always Make Yourself

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Sometimes, when we’re unsure of what to do, we tend to give other people the power to make some pretty important decisions on our behalf. This can get dangerous especially when it comes to sex.

Yes, this is an act that usually involves you and someone else but it does not mean your partner has the right to make certain sex-related decisions for you. Your body is involved in this process. And when it comes to decisions about sex that directly affect you, never allow someone else to take the reins. Here are some examples:

Wearing a condom

Technically, this goes on his penis but it’s for your protection and his. Never allow him to have sex with you without protection simply because he doesn’t want to wear one. Don’t fall for silly excuses like he doesn’t like the feel of sex with condoms on. And don’t let him manipulate you by saying if you loved him, you wouldn’t insist on him wearing one. Your health is at stake here. If he has a problem with condoms, then you should not be having sex with him. It’s that simple.

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When to have sex

You should never have sex when you don’t want to. And you have a big say in when you do it. If you’re not in the mood, then say so. A man who loves you should respect you. And you need to be secure enough to know that your body is safe around your partner. If he coerces you or makes you feel guilty about saying no, you’re in the wrong relationship.

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What birth control to use

This sex-related decision is completely yours to make. It’s no one’s business what birth control method you prefer. If you’re not sure, see a gynaecologist to find out your options. Ask questions and do your research until you come to a decision you’re comfortable with.

Speaking of birth control, read all about the types that are out there to have a general idea. 

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