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Car Sex Tips That Will Fire Up Your Love Life Forever

Car Sex Tips That Will Fire Up Your Love Life Forever
Car sex anyone? Your sex life can quickly get boring if you don’t switch things up now and then. That’s why you must get adventurous and keep things hot and spontaneous. One of the most fun places you can have sex is in a car. Car sex is the bomb!

However, you need to know how to do it right or you could find it awkward or even uncomfortable. So here are some car sex tips to help you get the best of the moment:

1. Park in a quiet place

Biko, don’t park in the bush o! But find a quiet place. Maybe even in your compound. Just find a place where there aren’t too many people walking around. The point of this is to ensure that you don’t spoil the moment by worrying about being caught.

2. Find the best spot

The back seat is usually the best place but this depends on the kind of car you drive. You can also use the front seat and just ensure you’re comfortably straddling your man. This is a top ingredient for hot, hot sex!

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3. Turn on some music

This is the best time to flip on that R&B. Put in that Joe, Usher or August Alsina CD and have yourselves a merry time.

4. Use pillows

Cars can have hard surfaces here and there so make sure you have a blanket to lay down and pillows so you can be as comfortable as possible.

5. Plan for clean-up

Have all the fun you want, but remember you don’t want your car smelling like sex. So to avoid things dripping everywhere and making you uncomfortable, plan your clean-up in advance.

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So will you consider car sex? If this sounds a little too much for you, you can try one of these six types of sex that every couple should try.