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This Is Why You Should Use A Breast Pump

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We could go on and on about the advantages of breast milk and exclusive breast feeding, and make working moms feel like bad moms for depending on a breast pump. The fact is, there is no one way to feed your baby and while breast feeding has it’s advantages, so do breast pumps.

Here are a few benefits of using a breast pump:

Breast pump

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Constant provision of breast milk

With a breast pump your child has continuous access to breast milk even when you’re at work or unavailable. You don’t have to rely on formula when you want to go out and your baby is not lacking all the nutrients it needs for best growth.

It solves the problem of latching

Some new moms find it very difficult to get their baby to latch onto their nipples and this can be an issue because the baby wont get the nourishment it needs. Breast pumps help you pump the milk and then you can feed your baby effectively.

Breast pump

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Fixes complications from breast surgery

Women who have undergone some sort of breast surgery and find it difficult to produce milk from suckling can rely on the pumps to help them draw out the milk instead. This makes their life a lot easier even when they’re ill.

Public feeding

Breast pumps prevent the controversial issue of public feeding and the unnecessary embarrassment and stares that come with it. Women who use pumps can express their milk and just feed from the bottle while they’re in public.

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So before you write off breast pumps completely, really look at the benefits and convenience. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section

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