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These Foods Will Boost Your Libido

boost your libido
We all want to have amazing and earth-shattering sexual experiences. And you can if you have a high sex drive, and if you don’t have a high sex drive normally you can boost your libido with these foods. We’ve selected our absolute favorites from a wide variety and we hope you love them

Try these foods to boost your libido instantly

Cloves (Kanafuru in Hausa)
Boost Your Libido

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This is a very amazing sex booster, you can add it to your food, chew it directly or infuse it in your tea. It’s minty fresh so it makes your breath fresher and boosts bedtime performance.

Boost Your Libido

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Watermelon is a two for one libido booster. It improves erection in men and makes a woman lubricate faster. This just translates to a long, beautiful unending night of lovemaking,

Walnut (Asala in Yoruba)
Boost Your Libido

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You should feed your man walnuts as often as possible. Walnut improves the quality, shape, movement, and vitality of the sperm. so cuter, stronger, healthier babies.

Boost Your Libido

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Ginger helps improve circulation in the body and improves the internal freshness of the body while detoxifying your system. This helps you boost arousal and helps you stay fresher for longer and in a better mood for sex.

Seeds and Nuts
Boost Your Libido

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Seeds and nuts are packed full of zinc and other nutrients that help improve blood flow in your body. This boosts arousal and helps you last longer in bed. Try almonds and cashews.

Boost Your Libido

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Coffee can stimulate your brain to heighten arousal which can spike your sex drive. It also stimulates lubrication for a smoother sexual feel.

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So try any of these foods and these exercises to see an amazing change in sexual intimacy with your partner. Don’t forget to leave us reviews of your favorites in the comment section.




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