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Here’s How To Boost Your Sex Drive

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Your sex drive will not always be on the same level. You will experience an ebb and flow depending on a variety of situations. But if you’re feeling down for too long, it may be time to give your libido a much-needed charge.

To learn how to boost your sex drive naturally, let’s start with what might cause it to die down in the first place.

Being in the mood for sex is not just about your vagina. A lot of factors can mess with your libido. For instance, stress, lifestyle, medication, your feelings about the relationship, your beliefs about sex, childbirth and self-esteem can affect your sexual desire.

Has Your Libido Taken A Hit Lately? Here's How To Turn Thing Around

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To boost your sex drive, it’s best to start by tracing what the cause could be. One of the sneakiest reasons is stress. This is because it’s harder to figure out when you’re dealing with too much stress since you’re distracted by all your daily activities and plans. If you suspect this could be affecting your libido, you may want to try taking a relaxing weekend and see if that helps.

Feeling self-conscious is also another factor that can mess with your sex drive. It’s often common among women who have just given birth and/or gained some weight. Realizing you’re beautiful just the way you are and doing things that make you feel sexy can help turn things around.

You can also boost your sex drive by exercising. This helps release the feelgood hormones in your body. It puts you in a better mood and can make you feel strong and sexy.

Has Your Libido Taken A Hit Lately? Here's How To Turn Thing Around


Masturbation can another great way to increase your libido. You feel less pressured to ‘perform’ and can simply go with what feels good.

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Ignoring a low sex drive can spell trouble for your relationship and for yourself. So take the time to figure out what’s going on and give some of these tips a try.

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