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You Should Expect These Changes In Your Body If You’re Over 20

body changes to expect in your 20s
If you’re around your early or mid-20s, you’re probably wondering what the hell is happening to my body. Well, don’t worry, there are some body changes to expect in your 20s and they’re totally normal. We’ll help you understand some of them.

Here are some body changes to expect in your 20s

Your uterus

The uterus basically gets settled and your period comes more regularly than in your teens. In most women, menstrual pain increases because their body produces more of the hormones handling reproduction.

body changes to expect in your 20s

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Your brain

The part of your brain responsible for making smart decisions becomes more developed. So basically you start thinking more about decisions before you make them. People will generally notice you’re more mature and switching the alcohol for coffee.

Your hormones

Children that you couldn’t stand before because they were so much stress will start looking cute. This is because your body is getting ready for motherhood. The hormones responsible for reproduction and nurturing, are fully active.

Your skin

As your hormones reach their peak, your skin will start looking fresher and softer, more inviting. The downside to this is that some women develop adult acne that comes every month around the time of their period. But it’s part of the process.

body changes to expect in your 20s

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Your hips will get bigger

Also in preparation for womanhood, you’ll lose the boyish look and your body will start forming curves. This is the body’s way of preparing to carry children and attract the male partner.

Your vagina

This is also the time when your labia majora starts to reduce in size and lose the excess fat. Another thing that comes with this is an increased sex drive. You’ll realise you are more sexually active and have more times when you’re aroused sexually.

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Don’t stress about any of these changes because they are completely normal and healthy. Have fun and enjoy the process. If your menstrual cramps get really bad, try these remedies.

Let us know what your biggest change is so far in the comment section.




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