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Are You His Main Girl Or The Side Chick? Find Out Here

Are You His Main Girl Or The Side Chick? Find Out Here
Everyone seems to be in a relationship these days, and trying to know if you’re the main girlfriend and only can be quite tricky sometimes. It’s rare to find a girl who would willingly become a side chick, but you may one day discover that that’s what you’ve been all along.

Your man may be saying all the right things and acting like the perfect gentleman, yet a tiny voice in head keeps asking you if he’s for real or maybe he’s just a good actor. Let’s help you figure it out once and for all. Are you the side chick or not?

If you are the side chick, these are the things you’ll experience with your man:
  • You never get to meet the important people in his life, such as his close friends, family members or even colleagues. You only meet his ‘drinking buddies’ during occasional hang outs with you.
  • He ignores your calls on certain days of the week, especially on weekends and when he eventually returns your calls, he gives you lame excuses for not answering.
  • You have to call him first to get his permission to visit him at his place. You basically have a visitation timetable that you must follow.
  • You don’t have a spare key to his apartment, because he probably told you that you don’t need to be there if he isn’t.
  • You can’t just drop by at his place of work on a whim. And that is if you even know exactly where he works.
  • He doesn’t share your photos on social media, not even on your birthday.
  • He does not display even the slightest hint of jealousy if he sees you hanging out with another man, or even texting some other guy. He is completely indifferent.
  •  He doesn’t make any long term plans with you. You have no idea what his goals and ambitions are.
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The opposite of these are what you get if you are his main lady. But even at that, you should pay close attention to your man’s behaviour when he’s with you. It’s not enough to be the main woman, but being the one and only is the real deal.

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After checking the list, which one do you think you are, the main babe or the side chick?

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