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6 Obvious Signs You’re Just His ‘Trophy’ Girlfriend

6 Obvious Signs You're Just His 'Trophy' Girlfriend
Ever heard of a trophy wife? Well, there is also the trophy girlfriend thing where a guy decides to  date you just because you’re beautiful and he wants to keep showing you off to everyone like a prized possession.

It might be initially flattering to know that your boyfriend thinks you’re hotter than Beyoncé, but if what you want is a serious relationship, you won’t find it with this guy because he’s only keeping you around to boost his ego.

Trophy girlfriend


Do want to know if you’re a trophy girlfriend or not? Keep reading to find out.

6 signs you’re his trophy girlfriend
1. He doesn’t know much about your life

Mainly because he doesn’t ask. He just keeps things basic because he’s really not interested in getting to know you beyond face value. You’re just there to boost his ego until the next girl comes along.

2. No serious conversations

With other people, you talk about serious and deep topics. But with him, everything is lighthearted and funny. If there are no serious discussions going on between both of you, it’s because he doesn’t think you’re capable of having one or he doesn’t want to have one with you.

Trophy girlfriend


3. No discussions about the future

If a guy really likes you, he’ll have no problem talking about the future with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean talking about marriage, but it could be about traveling or even your plans for the next weekend. If he doesn’t make any short-term or long-term plans with you, he’s not serious.

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4. You’re his girlfriend only when he wants you to be

A progressing relationship needs to move forward, maybe not at the speed of light, but it should move forward. If he only likes having you as a convenient date once in a while, then your relationship isn’t progressing. He may introduce you as his girlfriend to everyone, but you don’t feel like one.

Trophy girlfriend


5. He only compliments you on your looks

With him, it all about your looks. He always compliments you on your clothes or hair, but the compliments never go deeper than that. If he can’t compliment you on other attributes you have (like your intelligence or creativity), it’s because he either doesn’t pay attention or he doesn’t care.

6. His social media is all about you

There are several photos of you all over his social media because you’re gorgeous and he wants to show you off. But the truth is, he wants to show you off because it makes him look good. It also shows everyone else that he’s capable of getting girls like you to date him.

So, are you his trophy girlfriend or not? Meanwhile, here’s how to know if he’s a ‘zaddy’ or a Mr Nobody.




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