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5 Things You Should Have Learned About Him Right From The First Date

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If you’re dating for marriage, you should be able to have formed some impression about the guy right from the first date. So go into it with these five things in mind.
1. His sense of humor

He should be capable of putting a smile on your face on the first date and should also have a great sense of humor generally. He doesn’t have to be a comedian but his ability to see the funny side of things is definitely a trait that will come in handy.

2. What being in his company feels like

You should have an idea if you love being in his company. You really shouldn’t go on that second date if the first one was tedious to get through. It’s better to save your time and energy.

5 Things You Should Have Learned About Him Right From The First Date


3. His confidence and ability to express himself

On the first date, you should find it easy to understand him. He should be able to express himself clearly and you shouldn’t have to struggle to be on the same wavelength. You should also look out for things like his ability to maintain eye contact and express smart opinions.

4. His goals

Sure, you don’t have to dig too deep into each other’s lives on the first date. But you should have a general idea of what his goals are. You should learn about what he does for a living, if he hopes to settle down soon, and the things he cares about.

5 Things You Should Have Learned About Him Right From The First Date


5. His impression of you

It’s not just about what you think of him. You should also leave that date knowing whether you made a great impression as well. This will help you determine if you should look forward to another date.

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