Quickies Rock! Here Are 5 Steps To Ensure You Get The Best Out Of ThemZUMI

5 Steps To Ensuring You Get The Best Out Of Quickies

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A lot of women find that they don’t achieve orgasm through quickies. Because the female body requires some time to get warmed up through some form of foreplay, it makes sense that many of us just don’t find spontaneous sex appealing.

But there are a few things you can do to turn things around.

Step 1 – Initiate

If you’re the one initiating a quickie, you at least get a couple of minutes to warm up to the idea. In fact, you can even plan a couple here and there. So even though it comes unexpectedly to him, you get some time to prepare and get turned on before getting started.

5 Steps To Ensuring You Get The Best Out Of Quickies Zumi..ng


Step 2 – Go traditional

Quickies are not a time to try positions that will have you focusing more on not tripping and falling than on your pleasure. Go for basic sex moves like the missionary wherever possible. This way, you are not doing much and are very likely to cum without distractions.

Step 3 – Bump and grind

While ramming in and out of you can be super hot for him, it may not do it for you. If this is the case, have him alternate between grinding against you and the in-and-out penetration movement. When he grinds he’s more likely to stimulate your clitoris, giving you a chance of an explosive orgasm.

Step 4 – Talk dirty

Moans and grunts are not enough if you want to achieve orgasm during quickies. To get the best out of the short time you have, you must amp things up by talking dirty. Express your naughty desires and hear him reveal his.

5 Steps To Ensuring You Get The Best Out Of Quickies Zumi..ng


Step 5: Just have fun

Okay, you may not orgasm during a quickie but you can definitely have fun and be satisfied. So try not to put too much pressure on yourself and your man. Apart from being pleasurable, quickies make you feel alive and sexy. So just focus on those good feelings.

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If you want to increase the adventure quotient of your quickie, try having sex in these super hot places.




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