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5 Naughty Sexting Tips To Turn Him On

Sexting is a great way to get your imagination going and playfully tease your man. If he is getting flirty with you, send him something spicy that will  make him beg for more.

But first, here are some ways to become a pro at sexting pro.



5 texting tips to turn him on
1. Keep your sext short

If you want to know how to turn your man on while sexting, start by keeping your texts short. Nobody wants to read an essay when they’re horny. It’s not a textbook so keep your sext short, that way he can read it quickly and have time to imagine it. If your sext is too long, he’ll spend more time reading it than ‘feeling’ it.

2. Don’t use emojis

You’re not teenagers! Emojis have absolutely no place in a sext. Don’t put a happy face or a thinking face at the end of any sentence. Keep them out of the sext. You will ruin your sexting with an emoji.



3. Sexting at the wrong time is perfect

Timing is everything when it comes to knowing how to turn your man on while sexting him. If he’s in a business meeting or at the doctor’s office, why not sext him? He’ll feel so dirty, but he’ll be all over it. Is it wrong to have a hard on at your doctors? Yes, it is. Or when he’s at photocopier? Absolutely.

4. Tell him what turns him on

Even though you’re getting him turned on, it’s also a great opportunity to show him what turns you on. When you’re sexting, describe what you want him to do to you. This is the best and easiest way to get him to do it. He’s never going to forget that.



5. Don’t sext everyday

It loses its charm if you’re sexting every single day. Not that you don’t turn him on, but you should be using sexting as a way to tease him and make him run home to you. Only use it as a way to shock or surprise him. Eventually, if you do this daily, none of you will find it exciting anymore.

Before you go, here are 5 good morning messages that will make him think about you all day.

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