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4 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex More Often

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Gone are the days when we buy into the belief that men are the only ones who want sex. This myth is not only false, it is also capable of ruining your relationship. Take control of your sex life by asking for it when you need it.

Here are four reasons why you need to initiate sex more often.

1. It gets you in the mood

‘I’m not in the mood!’ Has this become your motto when your man shows his interest in making love? If you find yourself feeling this way too often, then you need to initiate sex. The trick is, you already know you’re going to ask for sex so this gives you a chance to get used to the idea. This means your body is already getting prepared even before you make your request. In fact, you may even get wet picturing all the fun you’re about to have. So by the time you tell him, you are basically in the mood already.

4 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex More Often - Zumi


2. It keeps the relationship exciting

One recipe for a boring relationship is when the man is the only one to initiate sex. Ladies, you need to keep him on his toes. Keep things exciting. Ask for sex at different moments. Heck, even whispering it in his ears at inopportune moments (at a party, for instance) keeps things steamy between you two. He may not always take you up on it, but trust us, the idea that you can initiate sex anytime, anywhere, will keep him very interested.

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3. It boosts his confidence

Guys like to feel sexy too. When you initiate sex, it makes him feel attractive, wanted, loved and confident – these are the things that keep your man in love with you for a love time. Wouldn’t you want that?

4 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex More Often - Zumi


4. You feel confident too

You ask, and he’s so turned on, he gives you immediately. Doesn’t that make you feel like the hottest girl at a party? Knowing that you can have your man whenever you need him has got to be an ego-booster.

Just remember, if you need it, ask for it. It’s good for you both. For more on how to make his eyes roll back in the bedroom, check out these mindblowing blowjob tips.

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