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4 Mistakes You Must Not Make When You’re Dating For Marriage

4 Mistakes You Must Not Make When You're Dating For Marriage Zumi.ng
People date for different reasons. And depending on your age and where you are in life, you may date for fun or for marriage. The rules are very different when you’re dating for marriage.

For instance, here are four mistakes you must avoid.

1. Being too afraid to ask the right questions

Have you noticed that when a person introduces their love interest to their parents, the folks are always quick to come up with hard-hitting questions? That’s what you’re supposed to do if you’re dating for the purpose of marriage. Don’t drown yourself in the haze of floating butterflies and forget to ask the important questions. Learn about his family, his childhood, his job, passion, values, and hopes. These questions should give you a clear insight into his past, who he is today and what he envisions his future to be.

4 Mistakes You Must Not Make When You're Dating For Marriage Zumi.ng


2. Ignoring the flaws

At first, it’s easy to shrug off your partner’s flaws. But when you’re dating for marriage, this becomes a mistake. The earlier you can pinpoint the areas that could bother you in the relationship, the more likely you are to make better decisions. Nobody is perfect, but each of us has our own tolerance level for different kinds of flaws. If he’s a slob, for instance, it may bother you in a way that it may not bother another woman. So make sure you can accept his imperfections.

3. Avoiding quality time with his loved ones

It’s not about spending every day with them but ensure the times you do spend with his family and friends is illuminating. A man can pretend to be something he’s not, but if you are around those he loves the most, you can get a good idea of who he really is. The types of friends he has, for instance, can tell you a lot. So when you’re around them, try as much as you can to learn about the kind of people they are. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect from your partner.

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4. Avoiding the future talk

No, you don’t have to propose to him on your first date, but avoiding the future talk altogether when you’re dating for marriage is a mistake. If he’s reluctant to talk about what his hopes and plans for the future, how else will you know if there’s a place for you in it? When dating for marriage, you cannot afford to waste time with the wrong people.

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You have to be intentional and make conscious decisions if you’re trying to find a life partner. This is not the time to bury your head in the clouds and hope it all works out.

When you do find the one, ensure you make this one decision to save your marriage before it starts.

What is the one flaw a man will have that will make you walk away immediately? Be sure to share in the comments.




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