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4 Kinds Of Behaviour That Can Ruin A Healthy Relationship

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A healthy relationship is the result of two individuals who have decided to be together, shunning each other’s flaws and concentrating on bringing happiness to one another.

In order for the relationship to remain healthy, the couple must put in physical, emotional and even psychological effort to it.

However, there are some kinds of behaviour that one or both partners might portray that could eventually damage the relationship, and they should be avoided.



4 traits that can ruin a healthy relationship
1. Holding a grudge

Holding a grudge is not only childish, it is also dangerous to a healthy relationship. You might feel justified to do something immoral just because your boyfriend did something similar before. There is no such thing as keeping score in a relationship. You cannot base your decisions and actions and on past occurrences, because it will lead to a vicious cycle of unending paybacks.

2. Snooping around

Yes, everyone is guilty of this. You peep at his phone when it’s left open, or go through a mysterious drawer when he leaves the room. But snooping can only lead to problems. You’ll either get caught, or you’ll come across something that you don’t understand so you misinterpret it, your imagination runs wild, and it turns into a fight that should never have happened.



3. Being dismissive

Another thing that can ruin a healthy relationship is not taking your partner’s problems seriously. If he voices a concern, listen. Hear the issue from his point of view and try to come up with a resolution together. Don’t just wave it away or wait for it to blow over, because those little problems that should’ve been addressed earlier on will just grow into a huge, complicated mess.

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4. Not being supportive

You should always have your man’s back, no matter what. Never shoot down his dreams or goals, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. You should always be there for him, even if he makes a stupid decision. Don’t mock him for being wrong, nor should you make him feel worse about failing. You should always be his rock and support system.

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