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3 Signs You’re ‘Settling’ With Your Relationship

When it comes to dating, settling simply means that you are in a relationship with someone who could be a great partner for someone else, but isn’t giving you what you need to feel really satisfied.

Sadly, knowing when you’re settling in a relationship with someone isn’t always obvious. You may think all is well until you find yourself in situations that will make you question the essence of your relationship.



3 signs you’re settling with your relationship
1. You make too many compromises

If you find that you are letting go of your core values or passions to make your relationship work, you may be settling. Granted, no partner can fit all your needs, but the secret is finding someone who meets your most important needs that you aren’t willing to give up. A healthy relationship will allow both partners to thrive, learn and grow — both separately and together.



2. You compare him to your friends’ partners

If you come off feeling sad or a bit ‘out of sorts’ after being with your friends who have partners, then this could mean that you are not in the right relationship. Also, if you find yourself comparing your partner ‘unfavourably’ to the partners of your friends, it could be because deep down you’re concerned that he might not be adding to your life in the ways you’d like.



3. You feel uncomfortable about introducing him to your friends

If the thought of introducing your new man to your inner circle makes you feel weird, then this could surely be a sign that you are not with someone you feel confident about.

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Do these signs describe you in your relationship?




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