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3 Major Wedding Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage Even Before It Begins

wedding mistakes
It’s okay to be excited about your big day. But don’t be so focused on all of that that you forget to make smart choices while keeping your partner’s needs and feelings in mind.

You want to start your marriage off on the right foot. In that case, ensure you avoid these wedding mistakes. They don’t seem like such a big deal but they can set you guys up for a very stressful union.

1. Not getting his input

It’s normal to think of the wedding as a bride’s day. But you ought to remember that it’s a special day for him as well. When you take over all the planning and decide how the whole thing will go, it can make your partner feel left out. Discuss your ideas with him and encourage his input. He shouldn’t feel like his only job that day is to be a prop and just show up. It’s his wedding too.

wedding mistakes

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2. Making unwise financial choices

This is another one of the common wedding mistakes many couples make. They go into debt just to have the ‘perfect’ wedding. Then they begin their married life trying to pay off loans and stressing over money. Remember, the guests you’re trying to please will not go hungry with you in those first few weeks or months. Make sure you don’t get tempted to spend much more than you can afford. You will only have yourself to blame.

wedding mistakes

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3. Inviting sensitive guests

Maybe your man has no problem with that ex of yours that has now turned into one of your good friends. But if you’re going to invite him to your wedding day, make sure this is discussed beforehand. He may not be thrilled when he looks out to the crowd on his wedding day to see his bride’s ex sitting there.

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Speaking of wedding mistakes, here are a few things to avoid when planning your big day.




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