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2018 Goals You Can Still Crush Before The Year Runs Out

2018 goals

Yes, the year started and we all wrote down our 2018 goals and resolutions. Some people said they would contest for president, others said they’d lose weight while some others just wanted to make money. It’s way past the mid year mark, but some of those goals are still very achievable

Here are some things that can still help you meet up with your 2018 goals:

Learn a new programme

Coding, website building, analytics or wherever your interests may lie, just go for it!

Your 2018 goals to save more money are still possible
side hustle

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You might not be able to meet up with the amount you planned to have saved by December initially, but don’t underestimate how much you can put away if you start now. The first step is to review your budget.

Give yourself a treat once in a while

It’s important to save, but the other end of the balance should not be forgotten. Save, but don’t forget to pamper yourself. If you don’t do it, who will?

Stay fit

This year, you said you would eat right and exercise. Yes, you haven’t been doing this, but you can play catch up.

2018 goals

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Decide on the best kind of work out regimen that would work for you or the diet plan that suits you best. Get those running shoes out, find a workout buddy to keep the morale up, and just go for it!

Be more active professionally on social media

Ar the start of the year, you decided that you would be more intentional about your use of social media. You decided that you would use social media as a tool to step up your career.

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Maybe you haven’t really done a lot from the list you made at the start of the year, but there are still several months in the year to cover ground on your goals and aspirations for 2018.

Learn more on how you can create a personal brand for yourself on social media here.




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