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Movie Review: ‘The Bling Lagosians’ Is A Journey Into The Ridiculous Lives Of Rich Lagos Socialites

(Photo: YouTube/FilmOneNg)

(Photo: YouTube/FilmOneNg)

The trailer for The Bling Lagosians promised us opulence and a show of wealth among the ‘1% of the 1%’ of Lagos royalty, and it certainly did not disappoint on that end. It was indeed an affair of the rich, and unless you move in certain social circles in Lagos, a lot of the happenings in the movie would seem extravagant to you.

Million-dollar birthday parties? That’s just a normal Saturday for Mopelola Holloway, the wife of billionaire businessman, Akin Holloway, who has problems of his own. Following the untimely death of his mentor and godfather, Akin must keep a low profile to save his dying conglomerate from the Asset Management Corporation after years of fraud and debt. Whether or not he succeeds is a factor of his own discipline, ability to resist his love for fine things and his wife, who will not compromise her standard of living for anything – not even bankruptcy.

(Photo: YouTube/FilmOneNg)

The Bling Lagosians is entertaining when it’s not trying too hard, which is a great save for a movie as some ambitious characters (like Akin’s best friend/nemesis Oladele Ogunlana) could not deliver the extra ‘oomph’ which would have made their performances unforgettable.

The dazzling star of the entire movie for us has to be Mawuyon Ogun, who plays the shadowy yet powerful Iya Oloja, a political fairy-godmother of sorts whose son occupies the highest seat of government in the state. She’s one of the women who take front and centre in the movie, but what makes her stand out in a cast of vapid, gossipy professional socialites is that she is actually useful to the plot.

(Photo: YouTube/FilmOneNg)

A truly gorgeous movie with vivid colours, beautiful costumes and breathtaking shots of Lagos like you’ve never seen it before, The Bling Lagosians is a movie to see once it hits cinemas on June 28. We’re definitely anticipating a part 2! Until then, watch the trailer  right here:



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