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Check Out Different Ways You Can Have Your Braids Parted

(Photo: Pinterest / Chrissygotthecoils)

(Photo: Pinterest / Jasminenicole)

Braids as a protective hairstyle is always a good idea. This is why getting creative with partings will get you excited for the next time you decide to get it done!

Everyone knows that the styling options when it comes to braids are endless but that doesn’t mean we don’t run out of ideas from time-to-time. But what if we told you that if you paid more attention to how your braids are parted, it will make a lot of difference? Most people overlook braid parts but they can really determine how cool your hairstyle will look.

(Photo: Pinterest / Chrissygotthecoils)

(Photo: Pinterest / Chrissygotthecoils)

Here in Nigeria, round and uneven braid parts are really common. In fact, the most attention ladies pay to partings are square or rectangular boxes – depending on how big or small the braids are. But there are far cooler options you could try:

  • Triangle Parts

(Photo: Pinterest / Arielbozeman)

This option is similar to the box parts, the only difference is that it is unconventional and therefore appear cooler. Also, it might take longer to achieve but you’ll love the result in the end.

  • Crown Part

(Photo: Pinterest / Niyadanyel)

The crown part requires more strategy and geometry to achieve (math always finds a way to catch up with us). The stylist will have to make triangular brushes at the centre so the parting can be visible. This way, you’ll have an excuse to let your braids fall over your shoulders all the time.

  • Cross Parts

(Photo: Pinterest / Melaniinmagic)

Parting your hair into crosses is also a good way to make a statement with your braids. We doubt Nigerian stylists will be willing to give up their signature easy method for this but it’s worth the try!

It is time to get creative with your braids ladies! Which one of these parts are you going for next? Let us know in the comment section! For more braid tips, check out why they make your scalp itch and how you can stop it here.

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Featured image via Pinterest / Jasminenicole



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