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Affiong Williams And Reelfruit Are Proof Of What Can Happen When You Follow Your Dreams

Affiong Williams
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Although Affiong Williams studied in South Africa she constantly thought about ways to tap into the potential in Nigeria’s unexplored agriculture sector. She was drawn to the possibilities in agribusiness and how she could create jobs by venturing into it.

Affiong Williams

(Photo: Instagram/Reel Fruit)

From her research, Reel Fruit was born in 2012. She started Reel Fruit with her savings, and from her kitchen. According to her, her major expense in those early days was 600,000 Naira for registering the business with the appropriate regulatory bodies, and market testing.

Reel fruit started out by making dried fruit as a healthier alternative to the unhealthy snacks that are so popular. As the business began to grow, her post-graduate degree in business administration also came in handy in overcoming the challenges of actually running a business in Nigeria.

Affiong in an interview with CGTN Africa explains that it was not easy introducing a new product into the market and that after overcoming the initial skepticism a new product faces in the market, the product is now enjoying more recognition and acceptance.

Affiong Williams

(Photo: Instagram/Reel Fruit)

Affiong Williams and her team have grown Reel Fruit exponentially since 2012. From a small apartment in Surulere, Reel Fruit is now sold in over 250 stores across Nigeria and has been served on local and international airlines. Reel Fruit initially started with just dried mango and dried pineapple but has expanded to include more variants.

Affiong Williams has big dreams for Reel Fruit. She hopes to introduce even more products, scale up to a large factory, from which she can export this made in Nigeria product to the world.

Affiong Williams

(Photo: Instagram/Reel Fruit)

Lesson learned from her story? Start your dream with what you have and where you are. It’s never too small.

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Featured image via Instagram/Reel Fruit.

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