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5 Essentials To Have If You Own A Wig

Wigs are arguably the best thing since sliced bread. The way they provide slay- for when you put it on, and comfort- when you take it off at the end of the day is what endears us to them.

Wigs do a lot for us, and if you want your wig to keep serving you, and making you look good, you have to care for it as well. The same way you’d care for your own hair, your wig demands that you care for it too.

If you are new in the wig world- welcome sister, there are certain essentials you need to keep your wig game going.

1.Wig Brush

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There are brushes, and then there are wig brushes. Using the wrong type of brush for your wig can cause a snag, or cause the tip to look all messed up, reducing the life span of your wig by several months. Be sure to own a soft wig brush.

2. Edge Control

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Depending on your style of wig, having an edge control can be a great ally. If your wig is going to show your edges, then, the edges might as well be well laid and on fleek. That is what an edge control will give you.

3. Wig Oil

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If you have ever seen someone wear a wig that’s not properly oiled and ‘full of life’, then you already know how unattractive it will look. Your wig needs to look brand new every time you wear it, and to achieve this, you need a good wig oil. There are also serums you can use to achieve this glossy effect. One of the best oils you can use is coconut oil. It smells good, it’s effective and it’s not expensive! Don’t forget to go easy on the oil.

4. Spritz Bottle

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Some days, all you need to restore your wig’s shine and bounce is a mix of oil and water. Mix water and oil in a ratio 80:20 in your spritz bottle, and you’re good to go. You can carry it about in your bag, along with your brush, just in case you have some hair emergency.

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5. Wig Cap

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A wig cap helps keep the hair you have in place and compact enough to make your wig stay just right. If your hair isn’t plaited underneath, a wig cap can help make your wig stay put without bulging in one side.  If your scalp is sensitive and prone to dandruff, a wig cap is a good thing to own. It also makes the wig comfortable to wear, and secured on your head.

And, as always, you are welcome!

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