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ZUMI Blogger Trends: Wide-Brimmed Hats

(Photo: Instagram via @ThisThingCalledFashion)

(Photo: ZUMI Collage)

Welcome ladies and ladies to another fabulous edition of ZUMI Blogger Trends! Now, what are the bloggers loving lately? Let’s find out.

By the way, if you’re new to this – we welcome you with bangle clad open arms. This is where you come to get fed with all that’s trending in the world of blogging. In this house, we talk beauty, fashion & style and basically all the ins and outs of the blogger universe.

So let’s dive into one of the fashion blogger trends making waves – wide-brimmed hats. Now, these hats are not new to the scene. They’re about as new as a white t-shirt. But, as trends go, they seem to be number 1 on the blogger must-have list.

(Photo: Instagram via @ThisThingCalledFashion)

It all started on a warm sunny day in Lagos. We spotted Dodos Uvieghara of IAmDodos looking stunning in a fabulous dress with frills. Naturally, we thought she was headed to the beach, but it turns out she’s not the only one rocking wide-brimmed hats outside its natural habitat. Other style bloggers we love to stalk like Chinyere Adogu, Angel Obasi, Sade Akinosho and more love adding this statement accessory to literally any outfit. And it doesn’t hurt to say we are loving it.

Here are a few of our favourite fashion & beauty bloggers showing us how it’s done!

Onyi Craig (@Mossonyi)

Can you feel the heat? Because we can. Onyi has a style that we dream of and her way of wearing a wide-brimmed hat is second to none. She loves to style her hats with sexy tops and pants, and we love it.

(Photo: Instagram via @Mossonyi)

(Photo: Instagram via @Mossonyi)

Hafsah Mohammed (@Hafymo)

Hafsah always wears a stunning headpiece, and wide-brimmed hats are not left out. Here, she’s taking in the air in Venice while rocking a pristine white hat. We definitely have vacation fever.

(Photo: Instagram via @Hafymo)

(Photo: Instagram via @Hafymo)

Temi Otedola (@JTOfashion)

If you’re looking for that modern mid-western vibe, let Temi Otedola inspire you. Temi goes from sultry to laid-back in seconds, but we think we’re loving this look the most. And can we give her a round of applause for wearing that jacket perfectly?

(Photo: Instagram via @JTOFashion)

(Photo: Instagram via @JTOfashion)

Chicama (@ChicamaStyle)

Chicama is without a doubt a style star. Every time we see her it feels like the first time we fell in love with her. And the fact that she knows how to wear a wide-brimmed hat earns her bonus points.

(Photo: Instagram via @ChicamaStyle)

(Photo: Instagram via @ChicamaStyle)

We know what you’re thinking – “Why do their photos look so good and where can I buy this hat?” The answer to your first question might come in a post if you’re nice. And the answer to the second question is 3 words – The Hat Doctor.

Kossi’s a.k.a The Hat Doctor is a hat brand we are obsessed with. They have stunning wide-brimmed hats made from straw, wool, you name it. And they sell for N8000. We need to buy a few more Black Friday deals, but if you’d like to get yours now, call 09073315915 or check out their Instagram handle.

Take a look at some more photos and tell us whose style you’re loving.

(Photo: Instagram via @WhitneyMadueke)

(Photo: Instagram via @S4de_u)

(Photo: Instagram via @Estaregrams)

(Photo: Instagram via @ThisThingCalledFashionn)

(Photo: Instagram via @JadoreFashion)

(Photo: Instagram via @S4de_u)



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