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You Can Revamp Your Jeans In These 5 Ways

You are already familiar with all the reasons why jeans are essential in every wardrobe so we are going to spare you all the details. Instead, we will be showing how you can get the most out of the wardrobe staple when you are just not ready to let go yet.

Jeans come in different styles and colours and this greatly influences what you can make out of revamping them. Also, some details like the waist fit (either low waist or high rise) remain constant. But in all, let us show you how to make the most difference!

Make Some Alterations To The Hem Line

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Making alterations to the hemline is the easiest way to change the vibe of your jeans as it will look different plus the length will change. You can achieve this by cutting a few inches off your full-length jeans to make the length 7/8. Also note that skinny jeans are the best style to achieve this and the best part is, you can do it all on your own.

Make A Distressed Cut

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Depending on how much you like to show off skin, you can make out cuts around the bodice just to jazz up your pair of jeans. If you like minimal skin to show, be strategic with your cuts so you don’t end up with a bigger cut than you would normally like.

Dye Your Jeans

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Although dyeing pieces of clothing is not as popular as it used to be, we totally recommend it. This option is perfect for a scenario where you have the perfect pair and you’ll like to change nothing about it except the colour. You can purchase a small portion from the local dye vendor and your jeans will be spanking in a flash.

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Chop Them Off

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This option is similar to making alterations to the hem but it involves more professionalism. So instead of chopping off a few inches, you’ll be cutting off almost the whole pair and the result will be a nice pair of shorts.


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Accessorizing also works when it comes to revamping pieces of clothing. Jazz up your plain pair of jeans with embellishments, pearls, studs, and even fringe. You’ll love the extra sass!

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