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Anto Lecky Is A Modern Igbo Chick In TribesbyNobs

Anto Lecky and Noble Igwe make a good glam team! Being styled by Noble has got her on the best dressed list. Her AMVCA look, the Merry Men agbada look and now the Vlisco and Co look are just giving us goals upon goals.

Anto Lecky is the modern igbo chick! Vlisco organised its second edition fashion soiree in Lagos on September 27 at the Art 21 studio inspired by the Igbo culture and tradition in relation to its fabrics.

Anto Lecky

(Photo: Instagram/Style Vitae)

The creative team were Daniel Obasi, Fruché Official, Gozel Green with photography by Yagazie Emezi. The soiree featured new collections from Fruche and Gozel Green and a short film “Udara” produced by Daniel Obasi.

Anto Lecky

(Photo: Instagram/TribesbyNobs)

Anto Lecky’s look was inspired by the traditional Igbo woman and was given a modern twist by Noble Igwe with this custom set by his brand, Tribes by Nobs. She looks chic matching different wax prints and accessorized with a colourful gele. She took the look up the notch pairing her outfit with PVC heels and a matching purse.

Did she pull off this modern day woman look?



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