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Virgioli Fashion Is Serving Us Major BouBou Goals & We Want In!!!

(Photo: Instagram/virgiolifashion)

(Photo: Instagram/Virgiolifashion)

For the love of Boubous and Kaftans!

Back in the days, Boubous and Kaftans were mostly worn by our mummies and aunties. Now the table has turned. And with all the fabulous fabrics and breathtaking prints Kaftans and Boubous now come in, it’ll be a sin not to own one. We don’t want to be found guilty, do you? We didn’t think so.

Now you might have being wondering where people get those amazing boubous and kaftans they wear, wondering because they don’t tell you. Sigh. A big shout out to the friends that reveal where they get their clothes from! Well, we’re your best friend! And because of that, we’ve brought you the scoop on where you can get beautiful Boubous and Kaftans. Oh don’t worry, your bank account won’t suffer for it.

Virgioli Fashion stocks beautiful kaftans and boubous and at affordable prices. Check out some of their amazing designs below, you’ll be whipping out your wallet before you get halfway.

1. The Red Caeser Print Boubou

2. Leopard Print Boubou

3. The Beige And Blue Ombre Boubou

4. The V-neck Chain Print Kaftan

5. The Paint Splash Boubou

We love this very artsy pattern! Who said Boubous and kaftans were boring? Who???

6. The Two-tone Sheer Boubou

Pair this with a turban and you’ll be Owanbe ready in seconds

7. The Blue V-neck Kaftan

(Photo: Instagram/virgiolifashion)

8. The Luxe Silk Boubou In Lemon Green

Silk fabrics have a way of making you look instantly royal. Wearing kaftans and boubous made from silk might just get people bowing to you at your next event.

(Photo: Instagram/virgiolifashion)

9. The Luxe Silk Boubou In Fushcia Pink

(Photo: Instagram/virgiolifashion)

10. The Luxe Silk Boubou In Rust

(Photo: Instagram/Virgiolifashion)

Wondering what to pair your boubous and kaftans with? Try mules with minimal jewelry.



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