Uzo Ukegbu & Torera Idowu Build An Entire Wardrobe On A N93k Budget – ZUMI

Uzo Ukegbu & Torera Idowu Build An Entire Wardrobe On A N93k Budget

Style influencers are not just here to make us buy like Instagram-worthy clothes but they also influence our spending habits (positively). How? Style influencers-Uzo Ukegbu and Torera Idowu shared their N93k (£200) budget on building a capsule wardrobe i.e buying all the essential outfits your wardrobe needs and doing that with less than a N100,ooo!

For Torera, this is her story; “When I moved to London I brought with me probably 5 clothes in total (cos I gave them all away). So I had to build my wardrobe from scratch! Literally! With a £200 (N93k) budget“. Her next step is teaming up with Uzo Ukegbu-a style influencer and brand owner of Anka Official-to build a capsule wardrobe with the estimated budget.

For Uzo, a capsule wardrobe needs to have essential outfits like your little white dress, pair of denim jeans, white tops etc. To achieve this, they stop at affordable stores in London to buy these outfits. Just like Lagos, London is quite expensive to live and work in and that calls for some serious budget. They stopped by at Top Shop, Zara, Uni Qlo, Beyond Retro and the likes to shop for the capsule pieces.

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They revealed they spent at least N71,000 for 14 pieces and put the balance in the saving box! Shopping for your wardrobe requires essential/basic pieces which you can always repeat or revamp and they have taught us just that.

Check out the video to see what they bought to build Torera’s capsule wardrobe!

Video Credit: Torera King