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Unusual Colour Combinations To Help Spruce Up Your Style

Instagram / shionat
We are always on the trail for new and exciting trends/ fashion notes and we found one; colour combinations!

Colour block as a trend has been around for a while but it’s starting to move from the trendy zone. Now, it seems more like a norm/a way of life (read style). Hopefully, it stays that way because colour combinations save us the stress of having to match every piece of clothing in an outfit.

Instagram / shionat

With that already established, ladies tend to shy away from the mix of certain types of colours. We are glad to let you know that you don’t have to be afraid to mix colours anymore as the rulebook is now down the drain. Hues, pastels and neutrals can now be mixed with no stress.

Instagram / shewa_jay

The major factors to take note of:
  • Make sure the colours don’t overwhelm each other
  • Make sure the colours work together
  • Colour instances like yellow and blue have been considered a little tricky, add a trendy staple to make them work
  • Also, be mindful of the pieces you intend to pair together. They go a long way
  • Make sure you have fun pairing because nothing is more exciting than colours

Check more instances below!

Instagram / thestylethesaurus

Instagram / s4de_u

Instagram / Bellanaijastyle

Are you bold enough to mix these hues?



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