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Try These Easy Care Tips To Help Your Jeans Last Longer

care for your jeans
Jeans have a special place in our wardrobes; in fact, it is a timeless wardrobe essential. They are the comfy, all time go-to essential that can be paired with just about anything.

So when you find the right pair you just want to elongate it’s life span as much as you can. You probably have heard of weird ways to care for your jeans (some say put in the freezer. Please, froyo not frojeans) but here are safe ways to care for your jeans.

care for your jeans

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Don’t wash often

There’s that myth that you shouldn’t wash your jeans, that’s not completely true. Jeans should be washed but not as often as you think. Your jeans should be washed, say every 2 months. This would let your jeans stay in shape. Don’t stretch your jeans with excess washing please. Pity them babies!

Use Salt on first wash
care for your jeans

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Wash your new jeans before wear, always! New jeans dye tends to wash out on the first wash. To avoid this add two spoonful of salt to the wash water to help set in the dye. This would retain the colour of the jeans and prevent subsequent colour wash out. You’re welcome!

Hand Wash, Always

As opposed to machine wash hand wash is better for your jeans. Turn the jeans inside out first, then soak your jeans in cold water with a little amount of mild detergent (avoid concentrated detergents). Plop them well and leave for some minutes. There’s absolutely no need to scrub!

Air Dry

You heard right! Air dry your jeans. The sun light isn’t good for jeans as they make them fade easily. To preserve your jeans, dry them indoors. It would take longer to dry but the longevity it gives your jeans is definitely worth it.

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Brush/damp cloth for stains
care for your jeans

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What of the times when your jeans get spot stains and you have to clean it? Well, get a brush – a toothbrush or any small brush would do or a damp cloth, wet the spot then clean out the stain. Hang to dry.

Always Read Labels
care for your jeans

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Many times we neglect to read the care instruction labels. We’ve got to stop. These labels give clear cut instructions for laundering. From them you know which of your jeans can handle machine wash or not, whether to use steam iron or not, the degree of cold water to be used and other peculiar things. The best way to know how to care for your jeans is to read the labels.

Wash With Similar Colours

Always wash jeans with similar coloured fabrics. If your jeans’ colour runs out there won’t be any damage done to others.

How do you care for your jeans? By all means share, we want to know!




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