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Tips For Looking Like A Bag Of Money In Thrift Clothes

Thrift clothes are the in-thing now! Safe to say there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when shopping thrift.

However, when wearing thrift clothes, we still aim to look our best. And while looking like a bag of money in thrift clothes is a special art, there are tips and tricks that will help you nail just that. Here are a few:

Shop Current Trends

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Buying thrift does not mean you have to look ancient and outdated. The key to stepping out in a fab outfit that does not scream thrift is to wear trendy clothes. Find out what the current trend is and wear the heck out of it! The best thing about thrift clothes is, there’s a high chance that you won’t find anyone else wearing that same leopard print skirt you just bought.

Avoid Clothes With Heavy Embellishments
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Cheap looking thrift clothes are usually characterized by loads of embellishments, visible wear and tear, and stubborn stains. Avoid clothes that are heavily sequined, have contrast stitching and glitter. These may look appealing at first but you’ll end up looking cheap in them. If you know what to avoid, you will be able to rock classic finds while looking like a million bucks.

Give It Some TLC
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As much as your designer wears need some tender loving care, thrift clothes require even more. Launder your thrift clothes properly like you would a very expensive dress and watch the inherent beauty unfold. Always check the tag of each clothing item and follow the laundering instructions. Also, check to see if you can wash with hot water as it not only cleans the clothes but kills any bugs that might have hitched a ride to your home.

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Get A Tailor
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This is not even negotiable. Whether you buy new or thrift clothes, it’s always best to have a tailor in your area you can run to for emergency adjustments. Thrift clothes do not always fit like a glove (some gloves do not even fit sef) and they might be too awesome to drop so you buy them and hand off to your tailor to do her magic. You might also need to change some buttons or tighten loose seams.

Sometimes though, the problem might not be how to look expensive in thrift clothes. It might be how to get off that secondhand clothes smell. We also have a solution for that. Check it out here.

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