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Tight Shoes? Let’s Show You How To Expand Them At Home

expand tight shoes
We’ve probably all bought a pair of shoes that were too tight in the hopes that we could somehow force our feet into them. But did you know that forcing your feet into shoes could cause corns on your toes? And that is not a pretty look.

Instead of stressing yourself walking around in uncomfortable shoes, let’s show you two quick and easy ways you can expand tight shoes.

Method 1. The Freezing Method

You’ll need: 2 large ziplock bags and water

Process: Unzip both ziplock bags and place one inside the other, then put the ziplock bag inside the shoes. You’ll need to press and stretch the bags properly so it gets to the areas of the shoe you want to be stretched. Afterwards, fill the bag up with water enough for it to fill up space in the shoe. Then place the shoe (with the ziplock bag still in it) inside the freezer and leave it there until the water freezes.

expand tight shoes

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When the water freezes, take out the shoe and leave it for a few minutes so the ice can melt enough for you to be able to take it out of the shoe. Try it on and you’ll be surprised.

We’re sure right now you’re wondering how and why exactly this will work so we’ll explain the science behind it. Did you know that when water freezes, it increases in volume? Well, it does. So what happens is that as the water in the ziplock freezes, the ice will cause to bag to expand. And because it is expanding, it will stretch out the shoe!

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Method 2. Hairdryer and socks

You’ll need: Hair dryer and socks

Process: Put on thick socks (if you don’t have thick socks, just wear a double layer) and wear your shoes. Then turn on the hair dryer and put it on the highest setting. Aim it at the tight areas of your shoes for some seconds while moving or wiggling your feet in it. You can do this for about 2 minutes and then turn off the dryer. Wait for the shoes to cool before taking them off though. You’ll find that your shoes now fit better but you can repeat the process if you want more room.

expand tight shoes

(Photo: improvisedlife.com)

By the way, you probably shouldn’t try this with metallic or patent shoes. As the heat from the dryer could ruin them.

Did you know that you can also tighten your shoes if they are too big? Find out how here.

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