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ThrowBackThursday: 4 Fashion Trends We Were Glad To Ditch

fashion trends we were glad to ditch

Being able to keep up with fashion, style and beauty trends is every fashionista’s dream. No one wants to get left behind that’s why each season, there’s tons of bandwagons to jump on. And there’s nothing wrong with that really. It’s totally okay to stay fashionably up to date.

However, some bizarre, high-end fashion trends are better left on the runway. We see them on models and celebrities who can afford to employ a personal stylist and we think “that could be me“. Honey, no! Don’t go end up looking ridiculous in the name of fashion love.

There are tons of cringe-worthy fashion trends we were glad to ditch but let’s talk about these 4:

1. Harem Pants
fashion trends we were glad to ditch


When harem pants are worn by the right person, to the right event, they can look really interesting and chic. However, when everyone ditches their jeans and walk around comfortably in harem pants like they look normal… Eek! This is one of the fashion trends we were glad to ditch, for good!

2. Gladiator Sandals
fashion trends we were glad to ditch

(Photo: Naija Gists)

We know that gladiators are totally bad-ass and edgy. When styled the right way, they absolutely work. We also know you really want to look like a Grecian female warrior but baby, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Why bother spending all your time doing up those straps just so you can look like everyone else? C’mon, no one needs to see all that.

3. Extreme Ripped Jeans
fashion trends we were glad to ditch

(Photo: SDK)

Is it just us, or is this trend totally eye-roll worthy? The whole point of fashion, other than self expression, is to look good right? But we ladies have to realize that there’s a thin line between edgy, bold fashion and downright trashy. The trick is to be trendy in a classy way because it’s all fun and games until someone gets mistaken for a call girl. (straight-face)

4. Horrible Brows
fashion trends we were glad to ditch

(Photo: Tari Taribo)

We know we’re talking about fashion trends we were glad to ditch and we know this particular one might never go away but let’s thank God for small mercies, right? It takes a great deal of self-control and tact not to gag at some brows we come across on a daily basis. Like, sis, plis invest some time on YouTube makeup channels for eyebrow tutorials na. Check out Ronke Raji’s really simple eyebrow tutorial.

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And if deep down you know you’ve given it your best shot and it’s just not working for you, kindly stick to regular trimmed natural brows abeg. It’s not by force! Click here to see how you can wear a natural feathered eyebrow look gracefully.

In all, being trendy is great, but not when it becomes physically difficult to look at you. There was a time when women were literally eyesores, and so glad it’s over…ish.




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