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This Is How To Recycle Your Party Look

The parties on your calendar outweigh your outfit options? So what! We have tips to help you recycle your party look. You’d thank us later.

December is in full force and we all know there’s no better time to go off-duty than now. From office gatherings to casual parties, you know the list is endless. A catch to all these parties tagged ‘Detty December’ is that they can put a strain on your pocket – you already know this. So if there’s no budget for a new outfit, we have solutions that will make your party look good as new. Now you can put the slay train on repeat!

Party Look

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You may not know this but accessories do make a lot of difference. The old trick of switching up looks with belts, earrings, necklaces, shoes and bags work all the time. Just make sure your new take totally contrasts with how you styled the outfit the first time – it will be as good as new!

Layer Up
Party Look

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Adding layers to an outfit will take it from 0-100 in a flash! Take a party dress you have worn before (preferably one with cutouts and thin straps) and rock a white tee underneath it. Complete your look with sneakers or dramatic mules and even you won’t believe you once wore it!

Party Look

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Apart from using accessories to restyle, merging the piece with actual clothes can take it to a new level. If you have a piece like a shirt dress, switch things up by rocking it with pants then give it an effortless tuck. You’ll be amazed at how new it will look!

Party Look

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Party Look

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This option requires a little more work but if DIYs are your thing, you should be fine. If not, then you’ll need a tailor to the rescue. Updating requires modifying a piece to make it look new. Think to create new hems, changing silhouettes and modifying major details on the dress. Let’s refer to this option as doing more work for the most change!

Party Look

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For more party look options, check out these maxi dress styles that are perfect for the occasion here!

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