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This Accessory Trend Will Update A Simple Outfit In An Instant

Woven Accessories
The role of accessories in an outfit cannot be overstated because they spice up casual outfits. And if your outfit is already a show-stopper, they enhance that effect. But forget your normal shoes and bags because we are making a case for woven accessories.

If you are a fashion enthusiast (or not) who notices trends on Instagram, then you are probably in the loop of woven accessories. They add an effortless glam that can take your outfit from 0-100 in a flash. You’ll be surprised at the amount of oomph they can add to your outfit.

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Slipintostyle)

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Jackieappiah)

Raffia / woven accessories come in different forms like slippers, earrings, hats but the most popular one is the bag. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colours. From being the favourite vacation piece to using them as props, we love how fashion influencers are making the most of them.

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Andreao.i)

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)

Since they have become trendy and the demand for them has risen, there has been a huge market for them here in Nigeria. Also, international brands have also leveraged on the trend by creating a market for themselves by satisfying consumers’ needs.

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Estaregram)

Woven Accessories

(Photo: Instagram / Hafymo

But just in case you need to snag some within Lagos, you could get it at Lekki Art and Craft market or Eko hotel art and craft market. You could also get it at local beaches if the other options seem too far.

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Featured image via Slipintostyle, Jackieappiah, Estaregram