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These Are The Different Ways You Can Style Your Sheer Pieces

Sheer Pieces
Infusing sheer pieces in your ensemble make it instantly ultra-feminine which is a trend that ladies should tap into. It is also an option that ladies use to get their sexy on. Though there are different ways to style them, this doesn’t mean that they are less tricky to style. This is why a few tips on how to style them is quite essential.
Mix & Match
Sheer Pieces

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Mixing and matching when it comes to wearing sheer pieces is more than just paying attention to colours and styles. It also involves paying attention to the kind of fabric you would be piecing together and evening out. For example, you could cop the see-through or sheer pants trend since they are in right now but always make sure to create a balance with a top or blazer that comes in a cool fabric like crepe or cotton. This would make up for all the skin you’ll be serving at the bottom.

Add A Print Piece To Your Look
Sheer Pieces

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Generally, prints are very distracting and this feature can help you shift the focus from your underwear. Remember that the busier the print, the harder it is for anyone to care to see through. Also, remember to mix and match in this option so the entire outfit doesn’t turn out looking too busy.

Sheer Pieces

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We cannot overstate the power of accessories as they add a lot to any outfit. Just like prints, accessorizing properly would help you add another focal point to your outfit. The trick is to make them as eye-catching as possible.

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Make A Sharp Contrast
Sheer Pieces

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So for a case where you need to wear a colourful sheer outfit; could be complementary or analogous colours, creating a clear contrast with black underwear is always an option. This option could go south but if done the right way, it could appear tasteful.

Create A Monotone Layer
Sheer Pieces

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Apart from creating a contrast with black, you can also style your sheer pieces by layering an undergarment in the same colour as the outfit that you plan to wear. This is the safest way to wear your sheer pieces because the colours will be matchy. Also, the coloured layer just makes up for a fun and bubbly outfit. What’s there not to love?

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