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Style Tips: The Easy Guide To Rocking Flats The Sophisticated Way

how to style flats
It’s no argument that ladies look super amazing in heels but how about changing the rules and rocking flats especially a T-strap in the most fashionable way?

Who needs to wear heels all the time when they can look super hot wearing flats as well. Imagine a fun day out with the boo or bestie and you show up in heels! Really?! Girl… sometimes take a break.

It’s always easy to match your outfits with flats if you know the right way to go about it. Flats are the perfect avenue to show off your feet, especially your pedicure.

However, choosing the right pair of flats can be tricky, so you have to put a lot of things into consideration. When thinking about how to style flats, choose cool colours that go well with other colours. Embellished flats are also a win as they help add that extra oomph to what would have been a plain outfit.

Pair your flats with a casual look:
how to style flats

(Photo: Instagram/Eki Ogunbor)

Looking all casual, comfortable and very pretty, Eki styles her flats with a simple check dress that cinches her waist. This dress is super flattering. It accentuates her curvy shape without necessarily being provocative. Finishing off with minimal accessories and a beautiful cowrie headband, this look is perfect for a day at the park, an informal business meeting or a quick hangout with the girls.

The ever smiling Linda Ejiofor styles her flats with this cute look! An abstract patterned palazzo pants and a cold shoulder crop top. This playful look is a total vibe and it’s very easy to put together.

Throw this on for a movie hangout, a game night or even a pizza date
how to style flats

(Photo: Instagram/Sharon Ooja)

Clashing prints and colours like the fashion queen that she is, Sharon Ooja once again shows us why less is more. Who would have thought that this outfit could be worn with a pair of flat t-straps? This look totally works because of everything already going on with the fabric. The best bet would be to go minimal with jewellery or sans accessories complete with a comfy pair of flats. And that’s exactly what Sharon did!

Flats paired with a laidback getup works too
how to style flats

(Photo: Instagram/Eki Ogunbor)

This beautiful monochrome combo is very work appropriate. Wear this to work on a Thursday and you are good to go. It’s best to have a pair of comfortable shoes as backup though, in case you have to attend an impromptu meeting. We especially love how Eki tied her shirt at the waist, giving it this super appealing flirty, girly look. We’re totally trying that next time we wear a button down shirt.

how to style flats

(Photo: Instagram/Sharon Ooja)

This look is our favourite movie date pick. It’s proof that one can look sophisticated even in flats. We absolutely love the top because mustard is one of the colours of the season. The hair is proof that Sharon can easily switch from laid back to glam in a minute!

Which of these looks defines your style? Looking for affordable shoe stores? Check this out!



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