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Skirt Suits Are The Real Deal And We Have Proof

Skirt suits
Skirt suits are the newest craze in fashion so get ready to add one to your pile of workwear.

Before now, Skirt suits used to have a ‘Mary Amaka’ vibe attached to it which is why it isn’t as popular as pantsuits. But all that is in the past as the piece has never been sexier.

Skirt suits

(Photo: Instagram / Tray_ciee)

As usual, the revamp is all in the details.

Firstly, the fit of the skirt now varies and the length is definitely shorter (exciting times). If you will like to rock yours to work, we suggest you opt for one with a flattering fit and not too short.

Also just like suits, prints, colours and embellishments are now major elements of skirt suits. We think these details are really cool and will be a great way to add oomph to your workwear.

Apart from wearing them to work, you can also wear them to brunches, formal events and even casually if you rock them with sneakers. Check more looks we found below.

Skirt suits

(Photo: Instagram / Beyonce)

Skirt Suits

(Photo: Instagram / Olarslim)

It is obvious that we can’t stop raving about this re-emerging trend. Do you love or ‘loveee’ this trend? Check out how to style your suit unconventionally here.

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Featured image via Beyonce, Olarslim, Trayciee



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