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Ruched Pieces Are The New Staple You Need To Update Your Wardrobe With

Ruched Pieces
Almost every fashion IT girl on Instagram is into one ruched piece or the other! You need to find out why and hop on the train as fast as you can – trust us when we say you are going to have a joyful ride!

Ruching is a classic gathering technique that makes clothes cling better and liven up their silhouette. It is a kind of ultra-feminine detail that gives the wearer a fuller silhouette and it’s an absolute favourite for women who like to give a sexy outlook.

Ruched Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Fisayolonge)

Ruching can be permanent on pieces or they can be faux as they could created with adjustable drawstrings which adds a variation to the intensity of the detail.

Ruched pieces can be made out of fabrics like jersey and cotton but they look best when they come in really delicate fabrics like net, chiffon, organza, and silk.

Ruched Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Tiarramonet)

From dresses to skirts and tops, ladies are really into this trend right now and we think it is going to be around for a while. The reason is because women either like to show off or conceal their shape. And for ladies who like the former, ruched pieces help to give a fuller illusion.

Ruched Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Estaregrams)

Ruched Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Amagodson_a)

So whether you are headed to work or ready for a night out, this trend is perfect either way as would add the right hint of lady to your ensemble.

Ruched Pieces

(Photo: Instagram / Tokemakinwa)

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Featured image via Fisayolonge, Amagodson_a, Estaregrams



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