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Reflector Shades Are Cool Again & We Think They Are A Vibe

(Photo: Instagram / Derinfromisaleeko)

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By now, everyone knows fashion is a game of recycling trends from different fashion eras; could be from all the way back to the ’90s or even two years ago. You never know which one’s next!

Reflector shades are a huge ’90s trend that everyone went crazy over about three years ago and it seems they are back and trendier than ever.

Mirrored frames as they are often called have coloured optical frames that can make all the difference on your outfit. This is why they are the perfect accessory to take your outfit from nice to fab.

(Photo: Instagram / Derinfromisaleeko)

They come in different forms from oval aviators to extended wayfarers, to rimless frames and even futuristic shapes. Depending on what vibe you are going for, there’s always an option to suit your outfit.

(Photo: Instagram / Kikagoodhair)

(Photo: Instagram / Tokemakinwa)

Reflector shades tend to exude an in-your-face kind of vibe which is why you can play with the accessory differently at different times. Amping up your casual look with a coloured frame is an option or going full maximalist by sealing your already bold look with a mirrored lens. The choice is yours!

(Photo: Instagram / Theladyvhodka)

(Photo: Instagram / Charliekamale)

Also, we can’t help but notice that there are new trendier styles and we think they go well with laid back looks. Grab one on your chilled day and you’ll be the view.

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Featured image via Charliekamale, Kikagoodhair, Winonahdejong



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