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Power Suit Vibes: See How Your Inner Wear Determines Which!

(Photo: Instagram / Ebonee Davis)

Instagram / Stephanie Coker

The power suit possesses a lot of benefits such as the grace and poise it automatically attaches to the wearer – cool right? Now the elegant staple is adding another merit to its bag which is the fact that it can be swung in different ways.

The power suit is huge right now and we don’t need to explain why because you already know the details that come with it. We are taking insights into the different vibes that this style staple can exude which is determined by a common factor – the innerwear!

No Inner Wear

It is only right that we start from the top! Rocking the power suit without an inner wear signifies a hint of party vibe in the mix. An occasion that borders between work and fun is a perfect scenario. It’s a tad sexy too!

(Photo: Instagram / Ebonee Davis)


This is the ultimate flirty statement. The delicacy and softness of the lingerie adds a feminine hint like no other. A date or a night out with the girls would be perfect for this look.

(Photo: Instagram / Olarslim)

Crop Tops

The crop top breaks the ice of seriousness that comes with the power suit as it reveals a little bit of flesh. It adds just the right amount of sass if you aren’t willing to go overboard!

(Photo: Instagram / Shiona Turini)

Round Neck Tee

Want to add a sprinkle of casual to the power suit? This tip is just perfect! The round neck tee as a casual staple dilutes the elegant vibe just a little bit.

(Photo: Instagram / Stephanie Coker)

Turtle Neck Tops

Opting for this look is the peak of all and we cannot even begin to explain the boss feels that complements this choice. It could be our favourite of the bunch. Bad a*** alert!

(Photo: Instagram / Fisayo Longe)

We hope that our break down helps your choice sometime – not far from now though, we hope!

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