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Meet Teni Adeola, The 21-Year-Old Nigerian Designer Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Teni Adeola
Slashed By Tia is making waves in Hollywood. Why? The biggest celebrities can’t seem to stop snagging pieces from the brand. Find out more about the creative genius, Teni Adeola who is behind the emerging brand!

21-year-old Nigerian, Teni Adeola is barely out of the university and she’s already giving high-end brands a run for their money. Tia, as she is often called, started her brand at 18. According to Teen Vogue, her inspiration is her upbringing where she would make clothes for her dolls from her mum’s Ankara fabric.

Teni Adeola

(Photo: Instagram / Tianaraina_)

Slashed By Tia seeks to put a modern twist on quintessential royal fashion from the 16th and 17th century! She does this by creating embellished sheer pieces in the most flattering styles. However, her brand is in high demand because of her signature sheer-bright ruffle set. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, SZA, Karrueche and Cara Delevingne have all been spotted in some of those.

Teni Adeola

(Photo: Instagram / Dua Lipa)

Teni Adeola

(Photo: Instagram / Karrueche)

Teni Adeola

(Photo: Evening Standard)

With that said, Tia isn’t just passionate about making clothes as she’s out to change the fashion system in general. Speaking to Teen Vogue, she said: “I feel like in fashion now, particularly in shows, everyone looks like soldiers” she says; “The average girl does not look like that. I have friends who are models and I know what they go through to maintain their appearance. People advise me saying, you need tall models on the runway. They need to be skinny; it looks more professional. That’s what the big designers do. But if it takes me a little longer to reach my full potential because I won’t conform to that, I’m OK with it.”

Tia is the epitome of talent! Check out more of her whimsical designs:

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