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Make A Style Statement With Ankara Head Wrap This Weekend

Ankara headwrap
What do you say to an Ankara head wrap type of weekend? We know how you ladies love your ankara fabric and how you love to incorporate it in different looks you try so how about doing it fab this weekend?

Ankara head wrap will sure make a statement as part of a look think of doing it over a top and denim, on a maxi, on a chic shirtdress infact the list goes on. It’s sure to bring that fierce, just enough va va voom to fire up even the most simple look.

Even if you have an occasion to stop by this weekend, a fab headwrap will surely turn heads your way and if you want to add it as the perfect accessory to an already dressy get up it works too. One thing we can promise you is it will get your style attention and if you’re up for that then you’re in luck.

Ankara head wrap

Simple as a knot to the back (Pinterest)

Do it with a flattering ‘V’ overlap to secure your hair (Youtube)

Ankara headwrap

Wrap it simple (Youtube)

Try it simple, bold tidy, fierce chic, avant-garde-ish, as an updo and as daring as you can get. It can also be the perfect dome housing your big hair in the most fabulous. Basically you can go about styling it anyway you want!

Ankara head wrap

Do the dome (Pinterest)

Ankara head wrap

Go dramatic with it (Pinterest)

Ankara is one of the most versatile piece to own and as a gorgeous headwrap, yass! Not sure how to get started? First pick an inspiration above and learn ways to nail it in the short guide below.

So is it a yes to nailing the look this weekend? Share the looks you created with us.



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