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Maison D’Afie Tells An Interesting Cameroonian Story With Resort 2018 Collection

Maison D'Afie
Maison D’Afie is telling a Cameroonian story with Resort 2018 Collection; Ngondo (festivity).

Maison D’Afie repurposes the ‘Kaba’; a Cameroonian colonial classic gown for the unique collection. The Kaba is a wardrobe essential in Cameroon where the designer Sarah Divine-Garba hails from. The origin of the piece is quite amusing!

The Inspiration

The inspiration, Kaba; a colonial classic maxi gown originated from white missionary wives in the 19th century as a cover for Duala women who were half naked and were supposedly so irresistible they distracted their husbands!

Maison D'Afie

Sarah Divine-Garba stepped away from the norm, decluttered and dug into a “personal honesty” for the new collection. “Sarah draws from her Sawa (the name given to the coastal tribes of Cameroon) culture and rich childhood memories to create this impassioned modern interpretation of what was once a plain dress with a sack like silhouette born by colonial masters, but has now become an integral part of her heritage” a rep for the brand shares with ZUMI.

The Collection

The flirty and pretty tiered accordion pleats on that delicate dress (above), a feminine overlay detail on yet another sensually chic dress (below) are some of the chicest looks from the collection. The fierce power sleeve detail on the midi dress, the maxi cape dress and the cape co-ord are definitely not in the least looks for the faint hearted. The collection balances out stylish.

Maison D'Afie

Designing this collection, for Sarah, rather required a personal honesty that she’d never had to deal with since starting Maison d’Afie. She had to declutter and distill to her core values, leading to a stronger resolve to define and express her identity which also required that she stepped away from some traditional approaches that exist within the industry and carve out something more sustainable for her brand and truly reflective of her values and beliefs.

Maison D'Afie

Colour choices across this collection represent the tropical green forests where most of the SAWA tribes are found and the blue rivers that meander through these forests” the brand reveals via a release.

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Maison D'Afie

Maison D'Afie

We see flirty staples in happy hues, the collection resonates a lot with us! What do you think?



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